April 2010 invitation

The Maukonen Family Society in Finland has done a wonderful job of researching and publishing the family geneology there. They have provided the “jumping off point” whereby North American Maukonens can connect and keep current their family records.

Recently, I purchased Family Tree Maker 2010 and was able to upload my older GED file into this new program. I will be contacting those of Maukonen heritage here in Canada to verify and update my records. As well, I will take advantage of some of the features of Ancestry.ca to gather other documents related to our family.

I encourage others to provide names and key dates (births, marriages, deaths) related to our Maukonen heritage that will help me to compile a more complete record. I will make this information available to family members when the records become current.

Bret Maukonen (maukonen@gmail.com)

January 2010 invitation

Best wishes for 2010!–a new year and the beginning of a new decade.

In 2009, I did not generate an edition of “Sanoma Maukonen.” More people are using various social media to stay in touch and post their information directly on the web.

For information about other Maukonens,
please visit:
group > Last Name Maukonen on www.facebook.com
and most recently > http://www.maukoset.fi

As we enter the new year, there are some signs of economic recovery. Whatever your experience was through the recent “recession,” we wish you better days ahead–”better” in more ways than may be measured in currency.

December 2009 invitation

December 1st in Owen Sound (Ontario, Canada) and we have, this morning, seen the first light snow that remains on the ground. It is a fine sight (not too much snow) to help us get in the spirit for the winter and Christmas season.

This year was the first in 14 years that I did not produce an edition of  “Sanoma Maukonen.” Simply, there was not enough content (pictures and news) to place on a sheet of paper. Please visit the links on this page for other Maukonen sites and content.

As ever, I invite Maukonens (and those of Maukonen heritage) to post comments here telling us about your activities and news.

Wishing you all a wonderful Advent season and Christmas celebration,
Bret Maukonen

November 2009 invitation

Bret & Lynne Maukonen (Owen Sound, ON, Canada) spent 6 weeks in Guelph, Ontario and the returned to their house in Owen Sound to spend the winter in that area. Bret has begun work with Frank Street Baptist Church (Wiarton; 30km north of Owen Sound) as Interim Pastor. He had served there in 2006-2007 in a similar capacity and then, again, this summer delivering sermons on Sundays. Lynne works from her home office as a coach, counsellor and career consultant.

We invite other Maukonens to post comments or send news of their activites.

October 2009 invitation

September 2009 invitation

If you are of Maukonen heritage, you may post a comment with information about your activities or news.

Joshua Maukonen (son of Terry and Linda; brother of Nicholas) was married to Jessica Barkey on Saturday, August 29 in Orillia, Ontario. Our congratulations to the couple and their families!

August 2009 invitation

This month the Maukonen Family Society reunion in going to take place (August 8 – 9) at Törmälä (www.tormala.fi) in Rautalampi (www.rautalampi.fi). It has been three years since the Society had its last reunion.

We wish the Maukonens gathering there a wonderful time together!

July 2009 invitation

Canada Day on July 1 and the Americans celebrate the “Declaration of Independence” on July 4 — what attracted some of our grandparents / great grandparents to come to North America? The Maukonen presence here is only two or three generations in the making.

June 2009 invitation

For people living outside of Finland, you can monitor Finnish news by visiting the English-language site of YLE at http://www.yle.fi/uutiset/news.

May 2009 invitation

In recent months, there has been more activity to gather pictures and stories about the Maukonens in Canada. Carloyn and Jackie (neé Maukonen; of Neil & Georgina) Azar have been initiating this work.

If anyone of Maukonen heritage has news (e.g., celebrations, moves, activities) to share with other Maukonens, please post a comment here.